Do I Need a Lead Paint Removal Contractor?

epa-lead-safe-contractorLead paint is a dangerous toxin, and if your home was built before 1977 it would be unwise to scrape or sand without hiring a lead paint removal contractor. Redecorating a home containing lead paint can be very dangerous if done incorrectly, which is why it was banned from use in ‘77 by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission . Lead particles trapped under layers of paint can easily become airborne and turn into a serious health hazard.

Brennan’s is proud to be EPA certified and expertly trained in the removal of lead paint. One of the most important aspects to lead paint removal is being able to effectively safeguard against the airborne release of harmful lead dust into your living environment.

Doing it yourself is a guaranteed safety hazard, and hiring out the work to an amateur is just as unsafe! Only lead-safe professionals have the skills and the training to ensure that this crucial work is done right and legally.

There are several ways to safely undo the hazards of residual lead paint toxins. Lead paint abatement is typically performed by way of encapsulation or removal. Encapsulation is a process by which the toxin is quarantined by applying a protective coating. Lead paint removal is a complicated process, and requires that the entire house be evacuated and all surfaces be covered while the lead paint is being eliminated. One abatement method is to apply a special coating to the lead paint. Once the coating has dried and firmly adhered to the lead, both layers are scraped off together, leaving the flakes to be cleaned up and properly disposed of.

If you are looking for an EPA certified lead paint removal contractor that specializes in lead paint abatement, please contact Brennan’s! Our operations and services are based in Pitman and extend into Camden, Glassboro, Gloucester City, Williamstown, Vineland, and Mt. Laurel, as well as parts of Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. You can count on Brennan’s, with our thorough expertise and experience,  to make your home both safe and beautiful.

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