Is It Safe to Paint Inside in Winter?

Using-Paint-RollerThere seems to be a pretty even split when it comes to “new paint smell” — some love it and others hate it. Even for those who like it, however, the smell can begin to cause some concern when you are in an enclosed space like a home or office. This is especially so in the winter, when you can’t open all the windows and doors to ventilate the area. So the question is, “Is it safe to paint inside in winter?

With modern latex/acrylic paints, there are no known or proven health hazards associated with the smell of drying paint. Nevertheless, most painting contractors and paint companies advise working in a ventilated area as much as possible. In winter, you can turn on a fan and open an interior door to keep the air circulating and fresh. Also, using a dehumidifier can cause the paint to dry more quickly, dispersing the smell in a shorter time.

The best response to paint smell, however, is to use zero-VOC paints if you cannot truly ventilate the area. Zero-VOC paints are environmentally-friendly and nearly odorless. This makes interior paitning in winter a carefree experience for those concerned about fumes, though it may disappoint the “new paint smell” enthusiasts!

Can I Paint Inside if I’m Pregnant?

As we learn more about child development, doctors are urging more and more caution for expectant mothers when it comes to exposure to chemicals. While standard latex/acrylic paints pose no known dangers to pregnant mothers, forming children or newborn babies, it is still the best idea to use zero-VOC paints for your home interior. Then you can breathe easy, knowing you are not putting anyone at risk.

Interior Painting for Nursing Homes & Medical Facilities in Winter

Residential facilities for the elderly and medical centers have an especially strong concern to abide by safe practices when painting their facilities. Fortunately, zero-VOC paints also provide a healthy and pleasant painting experience for all kinds of sensitive patients, so that you can paint whenever it is most convenient, summer or winter.

Brennan’s Custom Painting is a residential and commercial painting contractor serving northern Delaware  New Jersey and Philadelphia. We offer our customers the best quality paints in all settings, whether they need standard latex/acrylic, low-VOC or zero-VOC. Winter is actually one of our busiest times for interior painting, since we can’t do much exterior painting at that time.

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