Should I Hire an Interior House Painter?

Interior-Home-PaintingPainting a single wall in your home is a relatively manageable job for anyone with a will and a reason. And yet, many homeowners find even this to be an unexpectedly tedious and time-consuming task.  However, painting an entire room, multiple rooms, or even an entire house is a whole other can of worms (er…paint). Is it better to hire an interior house painter?

In our do-it-yourself culture, and with this tough economy, it’s not hard to see why some might consider taking on a major interior painting job themselves. But there are many good reasons why you should put some thought into having a professional painting company to do the work.

First there’s the prep work. Making sure you have all of the proper supplies (clean brushes, rollers, trays, etc) is only the beginning—and that often requires multiple trips to the store. In order to paint a room, everything in that room that’s NOT going to be painted needs to be moved and/or securely protected. This requires relocating large pieces of furniture, taping and tarping objects that can’t be moved, and thoroughly cleaning surfaces and rooms that will be painted. Walls often need to be repaired because of imperfections in the surface in order to get the best paint application result. It’s easy for all of these details to accumulate, and for the work to end up taking days (and even months) of your time.

Hiring a reputable interior house painter ensures that all of these variables are handled in the fastest and most efficient way. Professional painters can anticipate the correct materials, painting equipment, and prep work that need to be done, and avoid wasting your time. With the finished product, you can expect a more uniform paint application, straighter lines, and more durable long-lasting results.

It is also worth noting that some painting contractors offer color consultation services. This is an invaluable resource. It takes an expert to know how color will look in a variety of lightings and combinations, and it’s always a good idea to take advantage of this service.

Lastly, health hazards need to be taken seriously. Responsible painting contractors take measures to make sure that the room that is being painted is properly ventilated, with plenty of clean air flow available. Also, ladders are a leading cause of home painting injuries. If you don’t have the time to invest in the proper ladders and safety equipment, it’s best to hire a painting contractor who can easily implement all of these precautions. It may cost extra, but ensuring the safety of your family is more important.

Brennan’s is a painting contractor that you can count on for the highest level of interior house painting services. We’re eager to make happy customers in Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties in Southern New Jersey, as well as parts of Philadelphia and Northern Delaware!

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