What Is Cabinet Refacing? And How Is It Different Than Cabinet Painting?

If your kitchen is ready for an update, you might be thinking that a remodel is in your future. It may be, but many South Jersey homeowners are opting instead to either paint or reface their cabinets.

This can be an ideal alternative if your kitchen functionally meets your needs. In other words, you like the layout, the storage works for you, etc. If you just need an aesthetic update, painting or refacing could save you thousands while still delivering that transformation you’re craving.

What’s Involved in Cabinet Painting?

Cabinet painting, in short, means that your cabinets and drawers are emptied, disassembled, and the boxes and faces are all painted. Here at Brennan Contracting, we have a specialized spray shop designed for this exact purpose, delivering factory-grade finishes in the color of your choice.

Here’s a closer look at our process!


What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing takes the benefits of painting a step further.

We actually replace just the doors and drawer faces, painting the cabinet boxes to match. This allows you to pick a new and different style for your doors and drawers. The process is still much faster and more economical than a remodel, and when you add new pulls and soft-close hardware into the mix, the transformation is incredible. 

What’s the Benefit of Working with Brennan Contracting?

We’re not just a painting company that happens to offer cabinet painting. This is a huge part of what we do, and it’s a specialty of ours.

Typically, refacing companies just install a new veneer over the frames that we refinish. We actually supply the new door, making it (technically) more of a “redooring” service than just refacing. This means you get a better quality finished product.

We also deal directly with our dealer, meaning that you don’t get stuck with the sales hassle and higher prices of a middle man. We know and trust our resource, and can deliver on exactly what we promise.

Have Any Cabinet Refacing Questions?

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