Safely House Painting in New Jersey Amidst COVID-19

Friends, there is no denying that these are unique days we’re walking through. As a local painting company, this has been a nearly unprecedented obstacle, especially as we determine exactly how we can keep serving you in a safe, responsible way. 

Difficult times call for ingenuity, and we’re doing all we can to rise to the occasion!

We Offer Virtual Painting Estimates

There are a whole host of powerful, easy-to-use tools at our disposal today that allow us to keep in easy communication, even when in-person interaction needs to be limited.

What would this look like? Here’s how the process works, and we’ll use an exterior painting project as an example.

  • Step 1: Contact us to discuss your project
  • Step 2: We’ll stop by your home and take careful, detailed pictures using our CompanyCam app (you can chat with us by phone while we work, or else we’ll just take the pictures on our own – no need to interact unless you want to)
  • Step 3: We’ll send you a link to the photos we took (it opens with just a click!), and then we can review your project scope by phone, or with a tool like Zoom that lets us chat in a virtual meeting
  • Step 4: We’ll send you a detailed estimate
  • Step 5: Once the contract is signed, we’ll get to work!

If you have an interior project in mind, many of the steps above still apply. You can send us photos to start the discussion, or else we can share a quick video call and you can give us a tour of your home and goals. 

Either way, we can get creative and keep your project on track!

How Else Are We Keeping You Safe During the House Painting Process?

  • We’ve shifted to virtual meetings (and our office team is working remotely)
  • Mandatory sick days for any employees who aren’t feeling well
  • Team members in the field are maintaining a 6-foot distance, just to be cautious
  • Out of respect for you, we’re skipping handshakes for now!
  • We’ve educated our team in best health practices, including frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer
  • We frequently clean high-touch surfaces

We’re optimistic, and are more inspired and determined than ever to protect and enhance your home. Contact us with any questions!

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