All it takes to be a painter is a pickup truck, ladder, paint and brushes. The difference in a Brennan Paint Job is having Over 30 Years of Industry Experience we put in every job.

You’ll see the difference in 3 areas:


With 30 years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect job’ – every one has unexpected turns and challenges. Because of this, our experience is what ensures complete customer satisfaction.


We Are Professionals. Shortcuts and quick fixes are not part of our process. We would rather lose a job than resort to sub-standard work practices just to make the numbers fit. It is our commitment to the highest level of professionalism that will provide you with the best contracting experience possible. Click here to see PDCA Code of Ethics and industry standards.

Quality Products & Techniques

Only the finest paints and stains, applied with the best brushes and rollers will be used in your home or office. Cheap paint can lower a bid, but it won’t last the test of time and we didn’t earn our reputation for quality by skimping on product. In the same respect, it takes a lot more than putting paint on a brush to offer the level of quality you get from Brennan’s. All of our painters are craftsmen in their field. The difference is quality you can see – not just the day we finish, but for years after.