How to Remove Mildew and Mold from Siding

IMG_0010Mildew and mold are common problems here in the New Jersey region. They tend to grow on aluminum or vinyl siding, typically on the north side of the house. Removing this unsightly and unhealthy fungus is not difficult, but it must be done correctly in order to really resolve the problem and not cause damage to the house.

Many inexperienced operators simply use a pressure washer to blast away the symptoms of mildew on the siding. The problem with this is that pressure washing cannot kill the spores that cause fungal growth, so it will not take long to come back. To actually get rid of the mildew, begin with a fungicidal wash that will kill the spores. Use a long-handled scrub brush to gently wipe the area, and then rinse with a garden hose.

pressure-wash-sidingIt is safest to use the scrub brush and garden hose to wash your siding, but a pressure washer can also be used. The problem is that new users often damage their homes when using a power washer. To avoid denting, etching or breaking your siding when removing mildew, use a low pressure setting  and keep a good distance from the surface. When you turn it on, aim it away from plants and windows.

If your home has mold or mildew on the siding, but you don’t have the time or equipment to take care of the problem, consider calling a professional painter. Brennan’s Custom Painting, for example, has the equipment and experience to get your home looking great again. We serve the Philadelphia region, including New Jersey and north Deleware.

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