Can I Repaint Aluminum or Vinyl Siding?


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With classic clean lines and a durable finish, vinyl and aluminum siding are very popular choices for house siding here in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Normally, when these materials lose their shine, they can be cleaned up and restored with a quick wash. There are times however, when homeowners become dissatisfied with either the quality or the color of the finish on their siding. That is when we hear the question, “Can aluminum or vinyl siding be repainted?”

Aluminum siding can be repainted as long as it is still sound. If any bare metal is showing, it is important to prime the siding before painting. Also, as with any exterior painting, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and any foreign or loose materials must be removed. See this previous post for more surface preparation instructions. Use an exterior-grade latex/acrylic paint, since these are self-priming on the baked enamel finish. The best application method is spraying, as this achieves a superior finish, but rolling and brushing are also acceptable.

Vinyl siding can also be repainted, but care must be taken with color choice. If you paint vinyl a darker color than it was originally, it can cause the surface to absorb more heat than it was intended to, and the expansion of the vinyl can cause paint failure. Several paint companies have now developed vinyl-safe colors, so as long as you choose the correct product, there is no limit to the colors you can choose when you repaint your vinyl siding. Again, make sure that your home exterior is clean and sound so that the paint can adhere solidly to the vinyl, and apply the paint with a sprayer if possible.

Brennan’s Custom Painting, a painting contractor serving New Jersey and the Philadelphia region, has the expertise and equipment to repaint your vinyl or aluminum siding so that it will look like new.  Our crews are respectful and professional, caring for your home and family. Call us for your exterior painting needs, or any other home-painting projects.

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