5 Common Interior Painting Mistakes! Tips for Burlington and Cumberland, NJ

Have you ever heard a useful bit of advice, and then said to yourself, “Wow… I wish I had known that before!”? Few things are more frustrating than receiving a good tip after it would have come in handy. With that in mind, here is a small collection of interior painting mistakes that, if not avoided, will slow down and add a good dose of frustration to any painting project.

1. Not Priming over a Patched Sectionprimer over spackle

Regardless of whether or not you use primer over the whole wall, it is critical that you prime over any spots you spackled. If you do not, the patched section will look puckered and wrinkled even after the new paint goes on. It needs the base layer of primer to grab onto.

2. Painting a Second Coat Too Soon

Are you ever tempted to rush that second coat? It’s understandable. After all, it can be exciting to be just a step away from a finished wall. Letting that first coat fully dry, however, will eliminate the risk of streaks and swirls when the second coat is applied.

Painters-Tape13. Peeling Painter’s Tape Too Late

Painter’s tape is a wonderful tool! Issues can arrive, however, if you let the paint dry with the tape still applied. When you begin to peel, you might find that chunks of paint come right along with it.

4. Putting Too Much Paint on the Brush

Psychologically, putting more paint on the brush feels like it should make the project go faster. In reality, slathering too much on those bristles only wastes paint and increases the likelihood of an uneven application. You should dip only about 1/3 of the length of the bristles into the paint.

5. Painting a Damp Wall

Now, before you say “I would never paint a wet wall!” let’s step back and look at a kind of moisture that is more subtle than drips trickling their way down the sheetrock. In environments like a bathroom (especially one that is not well-ventilated) or a kitchen, humidity can hang on the walls in an almost invisible fashion. Take a moment to dry the wall down before painting and you will not be sorry!

Ask a Professional Painting Service!

And, here’s one last tip for you: contact a professional painting service! Asking a professional for help can eliminate guess-work and mistakes, from the first stages of color selection right through to that last coat. We hope you might contact us at Brennan’s Custom Painting! We have decades of experience serving Southern New Jersey (including parts of Philadelphia and Northern Delaware) and offer a large variety of interior and exterior services.

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