How Do I Remove Wall Scuffs? Interior Paint Tips in Burlington, NJ

The colder months of the year can be a great time to take a look around your home or business and tackle the little Scuff-picprojects that can easily slip to the back-burner during the warmer months.  As you do this, you may just notice a few of those wall scuffs on your interior paint that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  They’re unsightly and may make your interior walls look a little tired, but the good news is that often times they are fairly easy to remove, leaving your paint looking fresh and clean.

Can I Remove a Wall Scuff Without Painting?

Older walls that have not been painted in a long time certainly seem to be the most battle worn.  After all, time and use take their toll!  It can be very frustrating though when something happens that marks a wall that has been painted recently.  But, before you pull out your can of paint and great your brush ready, you should know that you can often get away with not painting over a scuff.

How Do I Remove a Wall Scuff?

The good news is that most of the time a wall scuff is only a surface blemish.  A couch or chair was bumped against the wall, something fell against it, or someone/something leaned on the wall for an extended period of time.  You can determine if it’s a surface mark or a deeper gouge simply by feeling it.  If it’s smooth and not indented it means that the wall itself isn’t damaged.  If this is the case, you can use a few different techniques to get rid of the mark:

–          A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser-Dampen the eraser and gently scrub

–          A damp cloth and a gentle household cleaner

–          For small wall scuffs, you can even try a pencil eraser

–          To avoid streaking, wash the wall from the bottom up. 

Regardless of the technique you use, be gentle with the wall.  If you really use some elbow grease and scrub too hard you run the risk of removing the paint, or leaving a dull spot.  Try scrubbing an inconspicuous spot to see if the paint will be damaged.

Or, Hire a Professional Painting Service!

Sometimes a wall is just a bit too far gone and could use a fresh coat of paint to give it a new lease on life.  If this is the case for you, we hope you’ll consider giving us at Brennan’s Custom Painting a call.  We service Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties in Southern New Jersey, and parts of Philadelphia and Northern Delaware too.  We’d love to put our services and years of experience to work for you!

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