Choosing Interior Paint Colors in New Jersey

living-roomChoosing interior paint colors can be a lot of fun.  It’s the part of the project where the conceptual gives way to reality; blank, drab, or outdated walls are seen with a productive eye and possibilities are born.  Unfortunately, though, choosing paint colors often can be seen as a process that involves little more than collecting cardboard swatches, holding them up to the wall with one eye closed, and then asking for a gallon or two of such and such.  Ask any professional painter and they’ll tell you that there is a lot more to choosing colors than that.

Current Trends of Interior Color Choices

We live in a day when bright, vivid colors are in style.  Traditional colors certainly still have their place (so never fear if off-white is your favorite color!), but most color choices today revolve around a unique, contrasting palette.  There is a lot of opportunity for your interior colors to reflect your individual personality!

Ideas for Choosing Your Interior Color

One great way to find color ideas for your interior painting project is to utilize one of the many websites that Stunning Blue Kitchen Paint Ideas White CAbinets Modern Designshowcase other folks’ projects.  It’s essentially a way to preview your potential color choice.  If you think a certain red might be too bold for your kitchen, why not try to find a picture of a kitchen already painted in a similar color?  Or, looking for a unique color choice for your bathroom?  Guest room?  Breakfast nook?  Search online!

One wonderful resource for this kind of research is  This particular site provides countless ideas for creative interior ideas, related to both decorations and paint.  If you let your cursor hover over the “BROWSE ROOMS” category in the top left of the home screen, you’ll see a list of all different areas/rooms in your home.  You can select one to narrow your search.  Another way to narrow down the field is to click on “IDEABOOKS” at the top of the screen.  Or, you can simply search something as specific as “kitchen color ideas” in the search box.  The next step is to simply browse and keep an open mind!

Or, Call In a Professional Painting Service

If all of this is still a bit overwhelming, or you feel that you might benefit from the help of a professional when it comes to color selection or interior (or exterior!) painting, professional painting services can be a wonderful resource.  If you live in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, or Northern Delaware area, we hope you’ll consider giving us at Brennan’s Custom Painting a call.  We’d love to put our 30 years of service experience to work for you!

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