“Is It Important to Hire an Insured Professional Painter?”

We’ve got you covered (and we are too)!

When someone thinks about hiring a painter, or a professional painting service, to tackle their interior or exterior project, the questions that generally come to mind first are in regard to the quality of work that a particular business produces.  Details like whether or not they insure themselves or their employees can fall to the wayside.  After all, there are websites to look at, sample pictures to review, and different options for specials and promotions.  Oh, and there also is that little detail of just how much the project you have in mind might cost.  These are all considerations worthy of your attention!  In the face of all this distraction, it can often be too easy to overlook whether or not the professional painting service or contractor you are looking at is fully insured.

Why does it matter if my professional painter is insured?

man standing on ladder leaning against gable of house paintingThis may seem like a legitimate question to ask, especially in light of the fact that when we hire a professional from any field we’re expecting, well, a professional.  Unfortunately, no matter how professional a business might be, accidents can still happen.  Because of this fact, it’s best to make sure that things are covered.  There are drop cloths on the floors and furniture, tape carefully covers the edges of fixtures, and outlet covers come off, to name just a few.  At the same time, however, it’s important that your property is covered in a less tangible, but just as important, way.

Having a professional painter with liability insurance means that you can rest easily when it comes to wondering about what might happen in the unlikely event that any part of your property be damaged.  Your painter’s insurance company will help to make things right.

Another important aspect of a professional painter’s coverage is worker’s compensation.  When a painting business has this kind of coverage it shows that they are doing their best to take care of their employees in case any kind of injury should occur, and are protecting you from being held liable.

What does it say about a painting business when they are insured?

Well, it says that a painting company takes their work seriously and, at the same time, takes what is important to youDrop-cloth2 seriously, too.  If something were to go wrong, they are ready to make things right.  At Brennan’s Custom Painting we are also insured in order to simply make sure that our customers can have peace of mind.  That’s important to us now just as it has been throughout our last thirty years of experience in the field.  When we take on residential painting projects in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Northern Delaware area we are prepared to give our customers a relaxing experience from start to finish.  A big part of that experience can be found in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.

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