Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests: Interior Painting

Can you believe it?  The time of year is already knocking on our doors when we officially pack away the t-shirts and swap them for sweaters and flannel.  The nights are getting longer, the days shorter, and the colors of the trees are turning into an incredible palette of orange and yellow.  Yes, ready or not, the holidays are thundering down the road toward us.  And, they may not be the only things thundering down the road and knocking on our doors.  For many, this is also a time when we can expect a steady flow of family and friends in our homes.  Before the busy schedule of the season arrives can be a perfect time, however, to think through those interior painting projects that may be calling your name.  Whether you decide to grab a brush and get to work or hire a professional painting contractor to tackle your job, there can be a lot of opportunities to make your home as warm and hospitable as possible.

 A Few Places to Start

One area that can be easily overlooked is the guest bedroom or bathroom.  When a space is used only for a limited guest-bedroom-photo1purpose, it can unfortunately slide quickly into the category of “out of sight, out of mind.”  It might be fun to think of a bold new look for your guest space, or at least bring back to vibrancy a paint scheme that has become faded or worn.  Painting your guest bathroom or your guest bedroom can set a whole new, welcoming tone.  And, a professional painter can often change the color of a bathroom or small bedroom in only a day.  Just think of how much Uncle Harry would appreciate that.

You might be the first at your front door to shake hands and hug a few relatives (or maybe not), but just how welcoming is your foyer?  What does it say to your guests?  Thinking through some new color schemes and painting your foyer can be a great way to kitchen-photo2change the look of your entry and say “welcome” in style.

Painting your kitchen or dining room can also be a fantastic way to show that you’re ready for the holiday season.  After all, these two rooms often provide the heartbeat of the holidays.  Food is created and shared, family gathers around the table, and memories are made.  It’s worth putting careful thought into the backdrop of these memories.


Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Color

Take a look around your home and see if there is a space that could use something extra or something new.  If you have the motivation to tackle an interior painting project but are maybe coming up dry when it comes to choosing colors, many painting contractors offer color selection services.  This can be a fun way to get a professional’s help with thinking of some new color schemes, or seeing your home’s potential in a different way.  Choosing paint colors doesn’t have to just be a matter of digging out what’s leftover in the basement.  Have fun with it!

 Let Us Know If We Can Help!

If you decide that you would like the help of a professional painting service and are located in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, or Northern Delaware area, we hope you will contact us here at Brennan’s Custom Painting.  We’d love the opportunity to put our 30 years of service experience to work for you, and to help you create something that you can truly be proud of.

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