Should I Use a Sprayer to Paint My House?

Using_Paint_SprayerMost of us picture house painting being done with a brush and roller. For many painting jobs, this is the best option, but sometimes painting contractors will also use spray painting equipment. They make it look so quick and easy, it might make you start to wonder then it comes to your next project: should I use a sprayer to paint my house?

When to Use a Sprayer to Paint

There are two main situations when a paint sprayer could be a great asset on your painting job. The first situation is on removable pieces where an exceptionally smooth finish is desirable. Some good examples of these would be cabinet doors, window shutters, closet doors, furniture and other items. Paint sprayers are remarkably good at producing a fine finish on a variety of surfaces. One caution, however: it will take some research to find the right spray equipment for the kinds of projects you have in mind, and it will take some practice to get good at it.

The second situation when spray painting your home is helpful is when you have a very large surface to paint. Paint that is sprayed on can be applied many times faster than it could with a brush or roller. This is much more common for exterior than for interior painting. Fences and decks are great candidates for spray painting.

When Not to Use a Paint Sprayer

Do not use a paint sprayer if you do not have time to learn how to use it correctly and care for the equipment. You will not be happy with the results, and you may end up wrecking the sprayer.

On small painting projects, especially interior ones, you are probably better off using a brush and roller.

If you cannot completely cover all nearby surfaces, such as floors, furniture, windows and other non-painted items, do not use a paint sprayer for your project.

For exterior painting, don’t use spray equipment on a windy day.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer

Paint_SprayerMake sure you choose the right kind of paint sprayer for your job. Check that you have the proper tips and parts, and read the instructions for use and cleaning. If you will paint often, you will probably want to buy your own spray painting equipment. Otherwise, you can rent spray painting equipment for a daily rate.

Protect EVERYTHING that you don’t want paint on. Use tarps, plastic sheets, and plenty of tape. If you are outside, cover shrubs, faucets, windows, walkways… anything you don’t intend to paint. For interior painting, you need to assume that any visible surface WILL get a misting of overspray.

Wear a breathing mask and eye protection. Even if you are using eco-friendly paint, it’s better not to breathe it! Never paint the sprayer at yourself, another person, a pet or a window.

Use smooth, even, level strokes, and begin your stroke before you pull the trigger. If the gun is stationary when you begin spraying, you will get a buildup and possibly drips/runs. Overlap your strokes by 30 to 50% to get a nice, smooth finish. Practice on cardboard or an inconspicuous wall before beginning the job for real.

A Professional House Painter

If you have more questions about spray painting versus rolling and brushing, we would be happy to help. We can also give you a free estimate for what it would cost to get your home painted professionally. At Brennan’s, we guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the results, and we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. With long experience in both traditional painting and spray painting, we can always choose the best painting technique for your specific situation. Call us, send us an email, or request an estimate online.

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