What Kind of Paint Should I Use in my Bathroom?

bathroom-colourThese days it seems as if there is a different kind of paint for every day of the year! Just looking at all the options in the store is daunting – are all these specialty paints and styles really necessary?  Well, when it comes to residential painting, most projects will be fine with just a standard paint. But what about painting bathrooms? With all the moisture and dampness that occur in there, do you need to use bathroom paint? Well, let’s look at a couple different cases.

Do I need to use bathroom paint in a half-bath?

Usually, a half-bath does not get very damp, and you are not likely to get problems with mold or mildew. Unless you have a leak or some abnormal source of moisture, a half-bath will be totally fine with normal interior house paint. We recommend satin or eggshell for the walls, and semi-gloss for the trim.

Do I need to use bathroom paint in a full bathroom?

The truth is, unless your bathroom is unusually wet, or if it has a history of mildew/mold problems, you probably do not need to use a bathroom paint. Use a latex/acrylic interior paint, with an eggshell or satin finish.

If your bathroom does tend to have mildew or mold, make sure you kill it thoroughly before painting. Don’t just wipe away the surface evidence: use a mildewcide spray or a mild bleach solution to make sure it is really dead. If the surface is glossy, you will need to rough it up slightly with sandpaper to allow the new paint to hold.

Should I re-caulk my bathroom when I paint?

Since you’re already doing all this work in your bathroom, you might as well take the extra time to make it look really great! If any areas of your caulk are discolored or cracked, use a utility knife to cut it away as much as you can. Then run a bead of new caulk along the seams, and enjoy a new-looking bathroom! See here for how to re-caulk a bathtub.

Professional Bathroom Painting in New Jersey & Philadelphia

Brennan’s Custom Painting would be happy to give you a free estimate for bathroom painting services. We can finish an average bathroom in a very short time, giving you sparkling results with very little cost or inconvenience! We serve northern Delaware, eastern Philadelphia and all of New Jersey.

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