How do I paint baseboards without painting the carpet?

Paint is famously messy and if it gets on carpet it can be nearly impossible to clean out. Painting baseboards without painting the carpet can be a tough task and leave anyone at their wits end! That’s why it’s of utmost importance to ensure that when you paint your baseboards you take the proper precautions to avoid disaster. There are a few different tricks to getting this job done right. Try these:

Before you begin, make sure to clean the dust and dirt away from any surface you are going to paint. It’s also smart to fill any holes and sand down rough areas.

The Carpet Shield Technique:

caulking-baseboardsTo begin with, visit your local hardware store and pick up a carpet shield. Another option is to just recycle a blade from an old set of window blinders. Either will do the trick.

Remember to caulk your baseboards before applying paint! When you are ready to do the painting, slide the carpet shield between the carpet and the baseboard (safely covering a slim section of the carpet just below baseboard). When applying the paint to the baseboard, be sure to paint in thin layers. Resist the temptation to rush the job and paint in thick layers which tend dry unevenly, and drip and gather on the floor in puddles.

When you’re ready to move to the next section of the baseboard, slide the carpet shield out and wipe it down with a damp cloth.

The Plastic and Paint Scraper Technique:

baseboard-carpetTake a plastic sheet (you can try newspaper or the wide tape used by painting contractors) and lay it lengthwise against the baseboard so that the plastic climbs up the baseboard about a quarter of an inch. Use the paint scraper to press the plastic sheet down under the baseboard. Again, paint with a thin coat on the baseboard to avoid excessive dripping. Let paint dry before removing the plastic, or you’ll risk splattering wet paint on the carpet!

What is the Best Painting Technique for Baseboards?

 If you prefer the character of the  “brushed on” look, go with a brush. But if you like less texture on your surface choose a foam roller or painting pad. Either way, be sure to paint from the middle of the board, rather than the top or bottom. Spread the paint up and down from the center in order to avoid paint pooling at the edges of the tape and seeping its way underneath the tape.

Keep in mind that Brennan’s is happy to help you with any of these baseboard painting, caulking or installation.  Not everyone has the time—or the desire–to be a do-it-yourselfer. We’re a customer oriented painting company, and we’re eager to be at your service.  Our operations and services are based in Pitman and extend into Camden, Glassboro, Gloucester City, Williamstown, Vineland, Mt. Laurel , as well as parts of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Springfield, Brookhaven, and Chester) and Northern Delaware (Wilmington, Greenville, New Castle, Claymont, and Glasgow). Give us a call and depend on the job being done right!


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