Should I paint or carpet first?

I get asked that question alot by South Jersey homeowners and its not the easiest to answer. Most painting contractors will advise homeowners to paint first, but that may not be best for the homeowner as there could be scratches and blemishes throughout the areas being painted. Most carpet contractors will advise to paint first to protect their carpet from spills and accidental spatters from paint, especially painting ceilings. That makes more work for the paint contractor as more preparation is needed to protect surfaces from dust and paint.

I firmly believe it comes down to the professionalsim and expertise of the providers who are doing the work. After having been a contractot in painting for almost 30 years, I have come to the conclusion that flooring installers will almost always damage the painting, no matter how careful they are at least to some degree. As owner of Brennan’s Custom Painting, an award winning painting company specializing in re-paints, we prefer in most instances to be the last step in the process. This leaves our customer with a finished product they won’t haveto go back on. The only time we don’t suggest this is when the room will need excessive prep work, leaving more than the average amount of dust and debris, at which point we advise the home owner that touch up will likely be needed but is their best interest

Now, if the homeowner were attempting to do this on their own, I would always suggest doing the painting job first and taking great care installing the flooring or carpet. This type of work requires a good bit of time and expertice.

Brennan’s Custom Painting recently was awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award for the 2nd straight year

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