As a New Jersey painting company, we have the privilege of not only serving local homeowners, but also business owners and property managers. We’ve partnered with numerous HOAs and management teams over the last 30 years, providing everything from full repaints and updates to routine maintenance.

We also have a carpentry team that can handle wood repair and replacement, simplifying the process by eliminating the need to contract outside services. The fewer moving pieces to coordinate the better, right?

We recently finished a project for a beautiful townhome community in Voorhees Township, creating two major improvements. 

Painting Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl is a fantastic, low-maintenance material, but over time it definitely starts to show its age. The biggest issue is fading, especially after years of relentless exposure to the elements. 

If the surfaces are in good condition (no cracks or damage), repainting is a perfect alternative to replacement. Paint formulas designed for vinyl’s unique characteristics and qualities perform beautifully, and can be applied after the surfaces are removed and washed. 

Replacing Rotting Wood with PVC

Door jambs and trim boards are especially vulnerable to wood rot, eventually requiring repair and replacement. Consistent painting delays the process, but installing new wood is inevitable. 

In this case our client opted for a better long-term solution, and invested in a PVC (synthetic) alternative for those high-wear areas. It looks fantastic, and is also much lower maintenance. It’s like the difference between traditional wood deck boards and the synthetic options that are nearly impervious to wood rot, and never need to be sanded, painted, or refinished. 

HOA Painting Tip!

We recommend partnering with a trusted HOA painting company. Routine care and a predictable maintenance schedule will drastically lower your costs over time, and it’s easier to budget and plan for too. Waiting until you have a major rot problem or drabby surfaces is expensive, lowers the marketability of your property, and doesn’t let you control the timeline of your property improvements.  

If you have additional painting questions, please feel free to contact us at Brennan Contracting. We have over 30 years of local commercial and residential painting experience, and are here to help.