When you think about high-impact house painting projects, what comes to mind?

Full interior repaints, exterior painting, cabinet painting… All good answers. But what about your stairs? They’re easy to overlook and take for granted, but think about it for a second. They’re one of the highest-traffic spaces in your home, especially if you have kids or pets (yikes). 

Stairs are also a natural focal point, particularly if they’re visible from the living room or dining room, as many are.

When was the last time you really thought through their condition and style? 


Our client in Mullica Hill, NJ, was ready for an update. The stairs were a classic combo of light stain, white risers, and a carpet runner down the center, but the potential hiding behind these worn surfaces was right within reach. 

Before and After: Fully Refinishing a Busy Stairway

Those white risers? A timeless good look. We could keep those (just with a fresh coat of paint, of course). The carpet? That needed to go. 

And as for the stain, our client opted for a classy, dark finish in place of the lighter honey oak. After fully prepping the space, including careful floor protection using professional-grade coverings, we carefully refinished the treads and handrails. The stringer and risers were painted as well to complete the transformation, using high-performance products across the board that we know will perform well while looking incredible. 

What do you think?

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