Tools for House Painting

We can all do an okay job of painting an exterior or interior wall. However, it requires a professional to do a top-notch painting job. Naturally, pros know the tricks and techniques and have much more experience that makes them better painters. In this article, we have shared some professional painter’s insider tips & house painting tools to help you paint more efficiently and level-up from being an amateur to an expert home painter.

To begin, empty your room completely. Professional painters recommend that if you are repairing drywall, it’s important to remove even the big furniture from the room. Drywall dust spreads everywhere, so it’s important to remove fixtures and label them accurately. Use of drop cloths is also suggested as even few drops of paint can stain a large part of your floor.

Choosing a Roller

The ideal roller would be one that can hold a roomful of paint; it shouldn’t fuzz or spray, should be easy to clean and leave the correct amount of texture. To choose a good roller, look for one with:

  • A longer nap – The longer the nap, the more paint it can hold and create more texture.
  • Insist on buying a 9-inch roller as they are cheaper, lighter and easier to use.

Even inexpensive rollers can work; just wash them properly first using dishwashing liquid so that they are free of any stray fibers.


Instead of using a pan, use a 5-gallon bucket that is affixed with roller pans to a roller grid. Buckets are recommended as they hold more paint, and there are less chances to tip paint over with a bucket. A bucket helps to mix, and mixing three to four cans of paint at a time will help you to avoid any type of color discrepancies.

Painter’s Rod

To reach ceilings more easily and quickly, you can use a painter’s pole or rod. With this tool, you can avoid the use of a ladder Furthermore, you don’t have to stand directly underneath the ceiling area you are painting, thereby reducing the chance that you will catch any wayward splatter. Painter’s rods are great for floors and walls, and are well-suited for everyday use.

Airless Sprayers

If you have large walls and the area requires a significant amount of paint, then having airless sprayers can make your painting job much easier. Though they are a little difficult to use and a little bulkier, you’ll be able to deliver a larger amount of paint in the shortest amount of time.

I hope these easy to use painting tools help you achieve the best outcomes in your painting jobs. Don’t forget to share your comments with us.