Selecting a House Painting Contractor

For residential painting work, both interior and exterior, most homeowners prefer to hire a painting contractor rather than doing it themselves. This is because they value their time, and also want to get the job done with the best quality. However, finding the right contractor for your house requires careful consideration.

Interviewing Painting Contractors

The following information is provided to guide the homeowners in choosing the right painting contractor. This is not a complete list, and few of the questions may not be applicable to your individual situation.

  • Do they have extensive working experience in the field, and what is their reputation?
  • What is their approach to the job?
  • What services do they offer before, during, and after the project?

Consider each area carefully and ask the painting contractor to provide the evidence to support of their answers. Specific questions could be:

  • Do you belong to a professional organization of painting contractors?
  • Can you provide a reference list of your latest customers?
  • Do you have certificates or particular experience in stenciling, venetian plaster, glazing, color washes and other new methods?
  • Do you provide a price guarantee?
  • Can you provide a minimal guarantee in writing?

We hope these questions provide you a general idea on what sort of scrutiny is needed when hiring a professional painting contractor.

After the initial analysis is complete, you should ask if they agree to return the area to its original state. Painting creates a big mess, and that is why the company needs to specify explicitly in the contract that they uses drop clots and that they are responsible for protecting landscaping.

Paying Your Painting Contractor

Experts recommend paying in parts. Provide your contractor with an initial deposit of ten percent or less. Give them a third of the remainder when they are half way finished and the remaining balance when they have completed the painting work, and all the materials have been cleared.

These are the essential aspects that you need to keep in mind while hiring a painting contractor for your home. Make an informed decision to ensure that you are pleased with the quality of the work.