Looking for a little exterior painting inspiration? There are plenty of trends to research and popular articles from home improvement resources to read. Or, you can take a look down the street and see what your neighbors are doing. There’s nothing wrong with getting insight from major outlets, but there’s something to be said for starting a bit closer to home and seeing what’s happening right in your neighborhood.

Today, we’d love to show you a project we just finished for Kelley, right here in Pitman. 

This isn’t a drastic color change, but it certainly had a drastic impact on the curb appeal. Take a look at the photos below, then keep reading to see why green is such a hot color right now, and read even further to see what other trends we’re seeing.

Before and After: A Beautiful Transformation!

We should also add that Kelley opted to use our Wisetack financing resource. It’s another way we make painting as easy and convenient as possible.