Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Need Some Color Inspiration?

We’ve stayed busier than ever this winter, with a schedule full of interior painting projects. Far and away, however, our specialized cabinet painting skills have been the most in-demand. Maybe it’s the fact that the cold winter months beg for home improvement projects, or the fact that people are stuck spending more time inside their four walls these days than they’re used to. 

Regardless, our spray shop has been busy doing what we do best!

Of all our featured projects on social media, one set of cabinets in particular has been drawing a lot of attention. Ready for a closer look? 

Painting Stained Cabinets in Sewell, NJ

Shawn’s cabinets were in good condition overall, and good quality too. Both of these attributes made them an ideal candidate for painting (after all, why invest in cheap or broken cabinetry, right?). 

What was really needed was a fresh, modern look. 

Our specialized industrial wood coatings were a perfect option, delivering a massive transformation without the mess, expense, and long timeline of a full remodel. Shawn chose a crisp, fresh white for the cabinets, and opted for a gorgeous blue accent color for the island. Not hard to see why these have been so popular on Facebook and Instagram!

Before and After: Incredible Kitchen Transformation!

Learn More About Our Cabinet Painting Services!

If you’d like to learn more about what sets our services apart from the pack, contact us directly. It would be our pleasure to discuss the process and benefits in more detail. 

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By far, this is one of our most popular cabinet painting transformations! Take a look at Shawn’s Sewell, NJ, kitchen, and the colors he chose to update the space…

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