Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Gloucester County: Project Spotlight!

Do you ever walk into a remodeled or newly-built kitchen and just wish you could do something with your outdated kitchen already? We get it, and we have some ideas on how we can help you make those updates while skipping the hassle and financial strain of a full remodel.

If you’re already happy with the layout of your kitchen and satisfied with the quality of your cabinets and storage needs, perhaps a complete remodel is unnecessary. Consider that maybe you just need to give your cabinets a little makeover. Brennan Contracting is here to help you with just that. 

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Cabinet Painting in Gloucester County

We recently worked with our client in Gloucester County who was feeling a bit like you might be right now. It was time to add a little more sparkle to their kitchen but they weren’t needing a full remodel. 

They reached out to us and decided to have their kitchen cabinets not just repainted but also refaced with new doors and drawer fronts. As you can see, the process took our client’s kitchen from out-of-date to better than new!  

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Not only are we known for our professional painting skills, but we can actually give your cabinets a complete makeover by replacing the doors, drawer faces, and pulls during the painting process. 

Soft-close hardware? We can do that too!

Essentially, cabinet refacing and painting will give you a remodeled look without the cost or stress. We are ready to help you renew your kitchen, and love the space all over again.
Are you ready? Contact us today to get started on your cabinet makeover!

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