Cabinet Painting in Woolwich Township: Transforming a Large Kitchen Space

Our team has been busy with cabinet painting, interior painting, and exterior painting projects this spring. What a fun season! Be sure to follow us on Facebook if you haven’t yet, just so you don’t miss the pictures, tips, and ideas we share along the way. 

This kitchen that we painted for Kristen in Woolwich Township is a particularly beautiful example of what our process offers. Ready for a closer look?

Before Cabinet Painting

This is an attractive, functional kitchen overall, boasting wide open spaces and a nice layout. These factors made it a perfect candidate for cabinet painting since no real remodeling work was needed – just a style refresh. 

We did, however, make a few strategic updates to create a more modern aesthetic:

  1. We removed the decorative trim along the top of the cabinets and replaced it with crown moulding
  2. We also added filler pieces to close in the gaps around the wine frig
  3. We installed glass in just a few of the cabinet doors
  4. New pulls/hardware

And, of course, we worked our industrial wood coating magic.  

The Full Kitchen Transformation

It feels and looks like a remodel, right? That’s the beauty of our process, transforming and updating good quality cabinets that just need a new, factory-grade finish. 

If you’d like more details about our specific process, take a look at our full cabinet finishing overview here. We break it down step by step.

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