Feel limited in your cabinet color choices? Don’t! The possibilities are endless.


When you think of painted kitchen cabinets, which colors come to mind? Probably white and gray more than almost anything else, right? Light neutrals have been all the rage for interior painting for quite a while, becoming a go-to option for cabinet repaints too. They’re everywhere!

Before you’re tempted to think of white as a boring color, or just a safe choice, consider the benefits:

  • White cabinets are timeless
  • Easy to keep clean (splatters and drips have nowhere to hide!)
  • You can introduce virtually any other color around them without any fear of clashing or being too busy
  • White is bright, fresh, and clean

Maybe this sounds all well and good, but you’re craving more color in your life. You don’t just want to paint but to really spice up your space. Well, we’ve got good news for you too. 

Bold cabinet paint colors are super popular

While gray and white are still dominating the scene, bolder cabinet colors are making quite a splash. In fact, green is one of the most popular cabinet paint colors of 2022, and blue is hot on its heels.

How about a real-life example? We painted these cabinets for Jennifer in Cherry Hill recently, replacing her standard stained finish with a deep, gorgeous blue. It pairs beautifully with the new brass hardware too, doesn’t it?