Painting Vinyl Siding

There was a time a few years ago when even the idea of painting vinyl siding would have been considered preposterous. But times have changed; now, painting vinyl siding is not only possible, but desirable. The technological advances in the makeup of paints have seen to it that the paint takes into consideration the expansion and contraction of the siding in relation to temperature changes.

It is by no means an easy project to handle. However, if your siding is faded and looks tired, painting it over is your only choice. Following the instructions carefully is important for the best results.

How to prepare your vinyl siding for painting.


Before you start, make sure to completely clean the surface, making it not only dry but dust-free. If the surface is dirty, the paint will eventually peel. A power washer is recommended to make the work easier and to remove mildew. Be sure that you don’t let the water seep in under the siding.  If you are doing it by hand, use a cloth or a soft brush and apply the detergent of choice on the areas you wish to paint. Then, rinse off with water. Dry completely before starting to paint.

Primer application

As a rule you don’t need a primer before you start painting. A primer is required in cases where the vinyl siding is eroded or porous.

How to select the paint

Select a paint that contains acrylic and urethane resins. Go for shades that are lighter or the same as the existing colour. Darker shades can cause warping as they tend to retain heat and bubble in extreme heat.

When hiring a professional is advisable

Vinyl painting is not an easy task. The paint has to be evenly applied and smooth. Without experience, the result could be poor at best. So, when in doubt let the experts take charge. It will be cheaper in the long run.

Taking the weather into consideration

Mild temperatures and low humidity are ideal to start on your project. If the conditions are too hot or too windy, the paint will not adhere properly, and will start flaking over time.

Why repainting your vinyl siding is a good idea

Repainting your faded siding will make your home look new and ultimately increase its value. You get a new colour on your siding. With the latest in coating technology at your disposal, your siding is protected from the weather. It also makes your siding more durable. Since it does not hold on to moisture, it is easy to maintain as it dries off fast.

Once you have all the equipment in place, all you need to do is start. It may be labor intensive, but the end result is worth it.