Why Do I Need a Primer?

The prospect of getting your home painted with pleasant colors is always exciting. It not only about giving your home a new look, but more about the process – the choosing of the right shade, splattering the paint onto the walls, and then standing back and admiring the fruits of your labor. But if the job is not done properly, you can end up with a result that is mediocre at best.

For a job well done, it is necessary to first go over the process in minute detail. One of the questions that often comes to mind is the need to apply primer to your walls.

Why you should use a primer

It is important to understand that if the base coat is not right, your paint will not dry as it should. There are chances that it will look uneven and mottled. Over a period of time the chances of it flaking are high. A base coat of primer in retrospect creates walls that look smooth and have a consistent layer of paint.

The special bonding factors in the primer ensure that the product sticks to the surface whether your wall is old or new. The paint in turn adheres well to the primer. For a better, longer-lasting finish, a layer of primer is essential.

When putting a primer on is imperative

  • For walls that are stained or porous, the primer will conceal stains and act as a sealant for the porous wall.
  • Walls with paint that is flaky.
  • When your original paint work is in dark shades. A primer coat sees to it that you need less quantity of the expensive paint, making your project more economical. Without primer you would need at least three to four coats of paint to cover up the dark shade.
  • Walls that are new or patched, plaster walls, walls with stains and mildew and high moisture areas all require a base coat of primer.

When a primer is not necessary

  • An existing wall that has already been primed once and the wall paint is similar in colour to the one you have chosen.
  • When you are in doubt, it is better to consult an expert on the subject before you start working on your project.

You could paint the walls yourself, or better still hire a professional to do it for you. Just make sure that you use primer when needed to make the paint look better and last longer.