Maintaining Exterior Paints

People apply top quality material and state-of-the-art techniques while painting their exterior walls to beautify their house for years, but paint has many enemies that take away its curb appeal, sometimes in just a year. Like other aspects of home improvement, exterior wall and exterior paint surfaces need periodic care and attention to maintain their appearance and longevity.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Exterior walls encourage mold and mildew growth, especially after they have been worn by long exposure to the air. Oil-based paints, flat paints and economy formulations are more susceptible to mildew growth. To protect you exterior walls from mildewed growth, apply a solution of water and household bleach to the affected area using a pump-up sprayer or brush. Do not add ammonia or detergents to the solution to avoid color fading.

Dealing with Slat Deposit and Dirt

Dealing with dirt is not difficult. Airborne dirt accumulates on paint’s surface and creates a supportive environment for mildew growth. Chalky pigments are also released from exterior walls when they weather, resulting in faded wall colors and unsightly rundown. Power washing or scrubbing is recommended to remove both dirt and chalk. To keep the exterior walls looking tidy for years to come make sure that you power wash them at least twice a year.

When to Repair?

It is very essential for a house owner to monitor the exterior walls time and again to catch the signs of failures early. This scheduled monitoring minimizes successive failures down the road and make a re-paint job more cost-effective. In addition to the aforementioned things, check exterior paint closely for the following and fix up immediately:

  • Peeling, blistering and loss of adhesion
  • Cracking
  • Loss of shine or serious fading
  • Signs of rusting

Regular Maintenance to Protect the Building Beneath

How much time and money do you spend washing your car? People usually spend 2 hours a week to washing their car, yet many rely on Mother Nature for cleaning their major assets like buildings and houses. It’s important that exterior walls are cleaned twice a year to maintain the look of paint and to get rid of any buildup of bird droppings, slat deposits, mildew and other pollutants that can interact with surface coating and also to protect the building beneath.