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Exterior House Painting: Watch Out for Cheap Estimates This Summer!


Are you planning an exterior painting project this spring or summer?

You’re aren’t alone! This is a booming season for outdoor work here in New Jersey, especially as the weather begins to warm and homeowners see the damage and mess left behind by Old Man Winter.

Unfortunately, warm weather brings more than just showers and flowers. It also brings opportunists who are more than happy to help with your exterior painting projects, often at incredibly low prices.

In the home improvement world, a price point that is rock bottom and too good to be true is often, well, too good to be true. Here are a few words to the wise!

5 Key Questions To Ask Your New Jersey House Painter

  1. What kind of surface prep is involved and included in my estimate? Many of those low estimates actually include very little prep and repairs (if any at all!), but minimizing early steps spells disaster. In fact, preparation accounts for 80% of a successful project! Your surfaces may look decent for a season or two without it, but they just won’t last. Or, perhaps worse, you’ll be surprised later on with a bill for additional work that you thought was included in the estimate! Don’t assume anything, but rely on clear questions and an estimate that spells out every detail.
  2. Do you offer a warranty or guarantee? Both provide extra confirmation that your painter is invested in their work and willing to stand by their craftsmanship.
  3. How long have you been in business? There’s nothing inherently wrong with being new to the scene, but longevity and local accountability is still priceless. Check into their reputation, and make sure they’ve sunk deep roots and can honor any guarantee they provide.
  4. Are you licensed, insured, and do you carry Worker’s Compensation insurance? Exterior painting is dangerous work! It’s crucial that your exterior painter carries the right credentials and coverage, ensuring that you won’t be held liable if there were to be a workplace accident.
  5. What kind of product will you use, and why? Cheap estimates are often made possible by the use of low, low-quality paint. Higher-shelf products are worth the investment.

To reiterate one of our key points above, we can’t overemphasize how crucial a clear, detailed estimate is. If you don’t receive one, ask for one. If they can’t produce one or you receive a “napkin quote”, walk away.

Quality Exterior Painting Is Worth the Investment

Painting is serious business, and a serious investment. You, your home, and your budget deserve the best value and experience possible.
Have any further questions? Contact us at Brennan Contracting! It would be our pleasure to serve you however we can.

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