Calculating Total Painting Costs

Any standard painting website has a paint calculator app with which you can easily calculate the estimated costs based on different parameters. The variables essentially depend on the type of work you need to do. The calculators basically include well-defined algorithms for interior painting, exteriors, and painting both interior and exteriors. Then, you put in the square feet of the coverage area and the paint type to proceed.

Preparations done

Certain prior arrangements are of course required. First, you need to measure the coverage area. Apart from the wall surface, you should include window frames, door frames, and anything else that is required with a uniform coat. When you have two or more coatings to do, calculate both separately and then add them up. The process is very simple and the estimations are fairly accurate as long as you are entering the right variables.

With regards to choosing the right paint, consider all aspects such as existing wall surface material, condition, the expected result (shine, texture, special patterns), and of course the environment. Always make it a point to choose water-based acrylic paints as these are low VOC compared to the traditional oil-based paints. In fact, many states require water-based painting by law.

All details included

However, an online painting calculator will only provide you with an estimate of the job, without the preparations, licensure, and the cleanup costs. For the full price, it is necessary to talk with professionals. Any paint job will include signing an initial contract of agreement. Everything should be mentioned there in full detail. Typically, you pay an amount in advance and the rest after the end. The money may be needed to be set up in escrow.

The total estimate should include:

  1. Labor cost
  2. Local material delivery cost
  3. Costs for preparing the walls (depends on existing wall conditions)
  4. General contractor fees, when you are employing a supervisor
  5. Materials and supplies sales tax
  6. Inspection fees from the local council

The first three here are usually included in the estimates provided, but the rest are added separately. Instead of preparing for a surprise surcharge, tell your contractor to provide a comprehensive breakdown right from the beginning. You should definitely figure out the approximate estimated job costs from at least three online paint calculators. This will give you the groundwork to assess the pricing attitude from the service.

Paint jobs are usually expensive if the coverage area is typical. For the small ones, you can try DIY, but for the big jobs, you will undoubtedly need professional assistance. Describe and discuss your project with the preferred service. Companies usually provide a tentative quote following a primary inspection.