What Are Shadow Stripes? Interior Painting Information for Cumberland, NJ

painting shadow stripesDo you have a room in your home that you’ve been considering giving a new look?  Maybe the walls aren’t the right color for what it’s being used for; it just doesn’t feel right.  Or maybe you’ve been updating your home in general, room by room, and this particular one needs something special.  One custom look that can add a splash of class and originality to any room is the technique of painting shadow stripes.  Regardless of whether you hire a professional painter or painting service, or tackle the project yourself, shadow stripes can be a beautiful and unique addition to your home.

What Is a Shadow Stripe?

The short definition of a shadow stripe is that they are an alternating vertical pattern of satin and glossy paint, each about 4-12 inches wide.  It creates an elegant look and feel.  Part of the appeal of this painting technique is that your walls will take on a beautiful, textured look that appears to shift and change in a subtle way as you move about the room and the light hits the walls differently.

You can create shadow stripes using all one color (just, as we said, alternating between satin and glossy paint), or you can develop an even more striking effect by using two different colors.  Either way, your walls will seem to take on a life of their own but in a subdued, calm way.

Where Do You Use Shadow Stripes?

Well, it’s your home (or business) so technically you can use them wherever you’d like!  But, they do create a very formal, classy look.  Because of that, most use them in dining rooms, powder rooms, or more formal sitting rooms.  They also could look very nice in a bathroom or master bedroom as well.

Need the Help of a Professional Painter?

If you live in Burlington, Gloucester, Salem Counties, or elsewhere in the Southern New Jersey area (we service parts of Philadelphia and Northern Delaware as well), we hope you’ll consider contacting us at Brennan’s Custom Painting.  We offer a large number of interior and exterior services, including custom faux finishes.  We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and would love to help you turn your home or business project idea into a reality!

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