Home Depot Painting Project

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Brennan Contracting has the experience and background to provide premier services for commercial customers in Southern New Jersey. Our services are tailored to serve facility and property managers within the corporate and institutional sectors.

Why we are the choice painting contractor:

  • No lingering odors, minimal distraction to your workplace
  • Sustainable practices, low VOC paints and low pollution primers
  • No subcontractors, background checked employees
  • Two million dollars liability & workers compensation
  • PDCA Standards used, not community standards
  • Detailed proposals and specifications supplied

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Your workplace is busy and you don’t need any distractions to your employees. We understand that our primary goal is to be organized and efficient. We have crews that can work after normal business hours and ensure when everyone comes back to work the next day their space is ready for them. By using low odor, quick drying paints, clean up and replacement of furniture can be done almost immediately. Fresh looking work spaces helps employees increase productivity.