What Are VOC’s? Should I Use Low-VOC Paints?

Natura-PaintVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) is a general term for thousands of chemical substances that surround us every day. While some are quite natural, like those produced by human and plant respiration, others are the result of manufacturing, such as photocopiers and “new car smell.” One of the common sources of VOC’s in modern times is paint, which typically uses VOC’s in the formula.

Most paints use VOC’s to create the qualities that are necessary for a paint to flow properly and bind firmly. As the paint dries, these VOC’s evaporate and enter the home environment. While research has not been conclusive as to the harmful effects of VOC’s in house paint, many homeowners would “rather be safe than sorry.” That has led to the development of low and zero-VOC paints.

Both environmentally and health-wise, low and no-VOC paints are a great step, and most paint manufacturers now have several great options. These eco-friendly paints still provide the high performance that customers expect, while emitting drastically reduced amounts of VOC’s. This nearly eliminates the smell that many people associate with fresh paint, making the redecorating process much more pleasant.

America-Going-GreenBrennan’s Custom Painting, a painting contractor serving Philadelphia and New Jersey, is happy to use low-VOC or zero-VOC products on any project where a customer requests it. We are experienced and knowledgeable with the best eco-friendly products, and we love to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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