Top FAQ About Exterior Painting in Pitman, NJ

Exterior painting is one of the most powerful, effective ways that you can update your home, all without swinging a hammer. It’s not a process to take lightly either, though: you want that new paint job to look fantastic and last just as long as possible. Painting a room? It’s pretty easy to change course on colors or switch up your style. A full exterior repaint? That’s a much bigger investment.

We’ve put together a list of top questions we hear from Pitman homeowners like you, and hope you find it helpful. If there’s one we missed, please feel free to reach out!

Can you paint vinyl siding in Pitman, NJ?

Painting vinyl siding used to be considered a risky proposition, especially because of how vinyl expands and contracts through the varying temperatures of different seasons. That’s hard on paint and could cause a whole host of issues.

Not so much anymore. New paint products formulated specifically for vinyl yield fantastic results. No adhesion issues if the process is done right. 

Is more expensive exterior paint worth it? 

Those bargain brands might be tempting, but you should avoid them at all cost. You get what you pay for! Cheap paint doesn’t hold its color as well, doesn’t bond with the surface as securely, and it actually takes more product to cover your siding. 

Quality paint, on the other hand, has better ingredients that deliver a much higher return on investment. Ask your local painting contractor what they suggest using, and why, to get more insight. 

How long does exterior paint last?








There are a number of variables at play: the nature and condition of your siding, weather exposure, plus the quality of your paint job. To set yourself up for success, you should hire a painting contractor who invests time in surface preparation. These early stages of the project make ALL the difference: cleaning, repairs, patching, priming, good quality products, etc… 

At Brennan Contracting, we’ve had clients who call us back for touch-ups and maintenance after 8-10 years and their paint is still holding up well. Again, you get what you pay for, and cut corners are expensive. 

Do you need to prime siding before painting?

It depends. Spot priming is necessary for covering bare surfaces (like a wood replacement), spots that were repaired, or a specific blemish. Heavy knots or wood grain, for example, call for primers that offer exceptional coverage and high-hide capabilities. 

Full priming is necessary when you:

  • Paint over unpainted or very porous surfaces
  • Are drastically changing the color
  • Switch products, like going from an older oil-based product to a newer latex paint
  • Are painting slick surfaces that need a bonding primer for the best grip possible

Most of the time you’ll only need a spot prime, but your painting contractor can walk you through your options. 

Have more questions about your Pitman painting project?

We’re here to help! Contact us today at Brennan Contracting.

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