Tips to maintain your interior paints!

Who wouldn’t like their walls to be painted nicely? Appearances always matter, don’t they? However, the walls you painted when you entered your house won’t always remain in the same condition throughout your stay. Like other things and utilities in the house, the interiors and exteriors of the walls need good maintenance too! How would you feel when you invite your guests at your place and they make a bad remark on how badly you maintain your house. Wouldn’t it hurt you? Sure it would. There are many ways in which the quality of the paint in your house can get affected. Following are a few of the shortlisted ways which would hamper the hygiene of your house and deteriorate the condition of your walls, along with some solutions for them:

Eliminating fungi growth over the walls:

Rooms and walls in the house require daily cleaning and maintenance. If unchecked, the walls, especially the corners in the house, can attract fungal growth over them. This can mar the shine of the house wall paints and give them an unpleasant look. The major places where these fungi love to settle down can be found in the interior as well on the exterior of the house. The interiors consist of northern exposures like the roofs while the interiors consist of laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements.

If at any time you come across these conditions, they can be removed using bleach solutions. Once the affected areas are scrubbed with a 3:1 proportion of water and bleach mix and a scrub brush, let it set for 20 minutes after working the solution from 1 foot beyond the affected area.

  • Dealing with the dirt factor:

    Dirt on the wall is another factor which can negatively affect the interiors and the exteriors. On the exteriors, the dirt can be washed off using a pressure washer.On the interiors, the dirt generally settles on areas that match your height. These areas consist of various kinds of splashes around the bathrooms, spots around the passageways or dirt and dust above the accessories like the lamps.

To keep your house walls clean, you need to have a sharp eye for spotting the dirt. Once the dirt is spotted, you can use mild detergent with a soft sponge or cleaners to clean off the dirt surrounded in the areas. Beware of the quality of the cleaners used for the type of dust, as they can affect the quality of sheen on the walls, leaving the walls looking dull.

  • Crayon Marks:

The leftover marks of crayons can prove embarrassing in front of your guests.  This is especially true when you have little children exploring their creativity with their drawings in the house. Now though, you won’t need to scream when your child draws on the walls with a piece of chalk or crayon.

These crayon marks can soften with the use of a hairdryer which blots up the marks and a heavy duty paper towel which removes them. Cautiously keep the dryer close to the wall so that the the crayon marks soften and not the paints on the wall.

While there might be many other things which hamper the shine on the walls, these are few of the most common that you will come across. Maintaining them with care will give you an added advantage of a healthy family and social life.