Storm Damage Repair, New Jersey & Philadelphia

With a super-storm just past, and winter fast approaching, many New Jersey and Philadelphia residents are in urgent need of storm damage repair. All of us here at Brennan’s Custom Painting were also affected by the storm, and we want to help our neighbors get the repairs they need. If there are services you need that we can offer, please give us a call. Even if your repair needs are larger than we can effectively remedy, we would be happy to help by connecting you to a reliable tradesman.

Storm damage can range from very minor to severe and devastating. As a painting contractor with an experienced carpenter and handyman on staff, we can help you with several kinds of minor and moderate storm damage repair jobs:

Water Damage to Drywall or Plaster: When water gets into your home interior, it can cause serious damage to walls and ceilings. In minor cases, it may require only a stain-blocking primer and new paint to restore the area. In other cases, the drywall or plaster must be removed due to the risk of invasive mildew or mold. Affected areas can be patched, or a drywall can be replaced a whole sheet at a time.

Broken Windows: In the immediate aftermath of a storm, the best way to cover a broken window is to temporarily install a custom-fit piece of plywood over the whole window. When things have settled down, the plywood can be removed, and we can help you repair or replace the window.

2012-10-29T164440Z_1_LOVE89S1AIFTC_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_USA-NEW-JERSEY-STORM-SURGE-ROUGH-CUT-OMinor Roof or Gutter Damage: Falling branches and flying debris, or even just the wind itself, can put holes in roofs or tear off shingles. Allow us to help you with minor repairs, or we can help you find a quality contractor who handles larger roof and gutter projects.

Siding & Woodwork Repair: If your vinyl, aluminum or wood siding has suffered damage in the storm, Brennan’s can repair damage caused by wind or wind-blown objects.

Here at Brennan’s Custom Painting, we are members of the community, just like you. If there is anything we can do to help you recover from the recent storm, please give us a call. Our office is in Pitman, New Jersey, and we serve New Jersey, Philadelphia and northern Delaware.

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