Should I Use PVC (AZEK) Trim to Replace Rotten Wood?

azek-window-trimOne of the most versatile products to be developed in the last century is Polyvinyl Chloride, which is more commonly known as PVC. From our toilet drains to our couches, PVC is used in a surprising variety of products. Now home improvement stores are prominently displaying PVC products for your home exterior, including PVC trim (often called by the brand name AZEK). These days many homeowners are left wondering, “Should I replace my wooden trim with PVC trim?

Reasons to Use PVC Trim

PVC trim comes in many of the same dimensions as normal lumber, so that it is convenient for many of the same exterior applications. Additionally, it can be cut with normal carpentry tools, so that it can be made to fit any shape.

Most PVC trim comes in white, which is the most common color choice for trim. This means that most of the time, you will not even need to paint it. That said, however, it can also be painted to any color you want, so that it will perfectly fit into whatever color scheme your house features.

Perhaps most importantly, PVC trim will not rot. It is waterproof and antimicrobial, so it is not likely to ever cause rot or mildew/mold problems. Also, PVC trim does not split with age.

Disadvantages of Using PVC Trim

azekProbably the most immediate disadvantage that most people hesitate at is the cost. Wood is cheaper than PVC. Nevertheless, the increased longevity and lower maintenance can make PVC trim a long-term cost saver. Rather than replacing all of your trim with PVC at once, you may want to do so a few pieces at a time, on an as-needed basis.

Another possibility with PVC trim is that longer pieces can sometimes bow or twist with long exposure to the sun. This happens much more frequently with wood, so there is no guarantee either way. Overall, PVC is still the best choice in that regard.

Finally, there is one objection that fans of natural wood often use, for which there is not really an answer. PVC trim, being a manmade material, lacks some of the natural character and charm of real wood. If this is an important factor for you, then wood will continue to be your best choice.

Though our primary focus is house painting, Brennan’s also specializes in carpentry repairs. With an expert carpenter on our full-time staff, we can take care of repairs and upgrades, such as replacing worn or rotted wood with PVC trim. We serve the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas, including northern Delaware. Contact us for a free estimate for PVC trim installation or exterior painting services.

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