Low-Odor Paint Products for Your NJ Home

Ah, interior painting… Few home improvement projects are more immediately satisfying than rolling out a fresh coat of paint, giving tired and dated surfaces new life. Especially as we head into the fall and winter, this is a key time to put together your painting wish list and knock out a few projects during the colder months.

All of this raises an important question, though: are paint products safe to use indoors, or should you be worried about fumes?

Should You Be Worried About Paint Fumes?

Not long ago, interior painting was a smelly process. Sure, the paint looked good, but you also had to smell it… for days. This is why most home and business owners put off their painting until warmer weather, when they could open windows and let in some much-needed ventilation. 

Ready for the good news?

Paint technology is always improving and advancing. And, it seems like recently it’s been improving at an unprecedented rate. We now have paint that lasts longer, looks better, and can be applied in more diverse climates than ever before (our exterior painting season goes well into November, with products that can be applied in near-freezing temperatures). 

A huge part of that advancement, we’re happy to say, is the development of low-odor paint products. 

What Makes Paint Low-Odor?

Without getting too technical, the odor you smell is actually something called Volatile Organic Compounds, a component of the paint’s makeup that evaporates during the curing process. Modern formulas are available that have little to no VOCs – good for us and good for the environment as a whole. And, the paint performance and strength is not compromised in the least. 

So, should you be worried about painting indoors during the fall and winter? Only if you’re painting with a seriously old, outdated product. Most paint on the shelf today is completely safe to use, especially if it’s labeled “LOW-VOC.”

Have Any Other Interior Painting Questions?
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