Looking for New Paint Colors? Here’s What’s Trending in 2023!

It’s never too early to start thinking about a change for spring, and the 2023 paint colors of the year are a great place to start! 

To save you some time, we thought we’d pick out a few of the most popular, serving up fresh ideas from leading manufacturers. Just remember: trending paint colors aren’t meant to pigeonhole your options, but rather to guide and inspire. At the end of the day you should pick the colors you love most. You’re the one living in them!

One overall trend we’re excited about is a turn back toward more vibrant interior paint colors. White and gray still certainly have their place, but we’re seeing bolder colors rooted in nature taking center stage. They’re beautiful, calming, and can showcase your personality. 

So whether you want a big bang or something cool and natural, you can take your pick this year. Read on for some suggestions on how to give your walls extra pizazz. 

3 trendy paint color options

Redend Point

The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year is Redend Point, and it might just surprise you. “It’s if beige could blush,” says Sue Wadden, the color marketing director at Sherwin-Williams. If you’re looking to feel that you are at the beach at sunset, this is the color for you. This earthy color brings the outdoors indoors to cozy up the place. Try this color with an Eider White trim and add the rising moon to your evening at the seaside. 

Raspberry Blush

Looking for a bigger surprise? It’s a celebration with Benjamin Moore’s favorite color this year!  Open your heart to Raspberry Blush. “This unapologetic shade of red-orange had us thinking: bold, bolder, boldest,” says Andrea Magno, the paint company’s director of color marketing and development. For some beautiful color pairings check out this video.


Farrow & Ball calls their favorite color Bamboozle., “a spirited flame red.” They say it “brings joy and warmth to any room scheme.This color will liven up your space, whether your style is traditional or modern. It would look beautiful in your dining room with your new mid-century table and chairs or try it with Beverly and Wine Dark.


Have fun choosing your interior paint colors this year!

We hope we’ve sparked a bit of creativity with these new and exciting colors. Let us know which colors you like, and we can help you choose the perfect room with the perfect light. Contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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