Is It Dangerous To Paint Indoors During the Winter?

As a professional painting company, we hear a lot of seasonally-driven questions.

Right now, as we step into the winter months, our focus here in New Jersey is certainly on addressing all of your interior painting needs, ideas, and concerns.

With the weather turning cold, we’re often asked if interior painting in the winter is dangerous, since fumes are naturally more trapped than they are during the summer months when you can have a window open. And, how long will those fumes linger?

We’ve got some good news for you!

Wintertime Interior Painting Can Be Totally Safe

Paint is always evolving and improving, offering more value, longevity, and benefits with each passing year. Recently, low and zero-VOC paints have become more and more of a priority for major manufacturers, especially as we learned just how harmful continued exposure to VOCs can be.

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are the portion of your paint’s chemical formula that evaporates as it dries, allowing the paint to solidify on the surface. Paint with a limited number of VOCs has been available for quite a while, but there were legitimate questions early on about whether or not the paint would be as durable.

Today’s more advanced formulas have proven themselves completely, and we can say with full confidence that high-quality low and zero-VOC paints don’t sacrifice performance in any way. But they DO offer a much safer, more environmentally-friendly painting experience.

This means you can paint and return a room to full use very quickly – perfect for that pre-holiday painting project you might be trying to sneak in.

A Closer Look At Low-VOC Interior Paint for Your New Jersey Home

Here’s a sampling of a few major manufacturers and the low-VOC products they offer, if you’d like to learn a bit more about your options:

  1. Harmony, from Sherwin Williams, is one popular option. It’s zero-VOC, and also helps to minimize common household odors.
  2. Benjamin Moore’s Natura line is also a very green product, boasting zero-VOC and zero-emissions formulas.
  3. Dunn-Edwards offers a number of environmentally-conscious paints – you can take a look right here.
  4. Behr Premium Plus is a low-odor, combined paint/primer option as well.

If you have any other questions about interior painting project here in New Jersey, contact our office! It would be a pleasure to serve you.

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