Exterior House Painting Requires Extensive Planning

Painting the exterior of a house is no small feat. You will need to paint the full exterior including the walls, planks, shingles, and the filigree. Maintaining consistency over such a large area requires considerable professional expertise.

You can only paint the exterior during certain seasons! The weather needs to be perfect. You have to choose the correct paint and prepare the exterior surface for painting. The preparation time  can take more than a week depending on the size of the house.

Finding the right time

You cannot paint when the weather is too sunny, too cold, or too damp. Spring and autumn are the best times of the year. Temperatures below 50 degrees are generally poor conditions for painting. However, you can still use the special paints for cold weather during this season.

With that said, if the thermometer is hitting below 30 degrees, even special paints will be of no use. Do not start the job when the nights are bringing a lot of condensation. Settling dew can damage fresh paint. Consult with your preferred local professionals. They can easily suggest the best times to begin your project.

Buying the paint

First, decide on the color. Next, make sure you have a good paint in that shade. Traditionally, oil-based paints are, but more recently many contractors have recommended latex-based solutions.

Latex-based paints offer significant long-term protective advantages. The include UV protection and a slight elasticity. The elasticity allows the paint to expand and fill in the space without cracking. It is also breathable, allowing the moisture from wood planks to escape without damaging them.

You can save a significant amount of time and money by taking the proper steps to protect the remaining paint after every day’s work. For example, shut the leftover paint with a plastic wrapper over the lid to protect it from damage. You should also make sure that your painting crew takes proper care of the brushes after the day’s work so that they do not develop a hard film.

The preparation stage

The walls must be scraped using sandpaper to improve paint adhesion. You need to wash the surfaces with detergent to remove the dust. Taking off old paint can be a real challenge, especially if it is lead-based.

Heavy metal lead particles are very harmful, and the painter must wear adequate protection if dealing with lead-based paint. Proper environment-friendly disposal of the lead waste is also important.

Professionals work from the top down often as it is the most convenient approach. Clapboards should be painted side to side. When hiring painters, make sure that they are professionals both in painting, and cleanup.  Dripping paint lines and drops must be cleaned after the work. So be sure to ask for professional references and recommendations before hiring.

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