Exterior House Painting in the Fall

exterior_house_paintingTaking care of your home’s exterior is always important. The value, lifespan, and beauty of a home are all impacted by how well the exterior is maintained. However, in the fall it is extra important to give some thought to whether your home is protected against the elements. This is a great season for exterior painting in New Jersey for two main reasons.

Exterior Painting to Prevent Winter Damage

With fall’s cool evenings, and hint of color in the leaves, we are reminded that winter is on its way.  While we may love sledding and sipping hot cocoa, our houses might not be equally as fond of this season. If the paint on your home is close to failing, the extreme temperatures of winter can cause it to fail.  This will allow moisture entry, causing rot and/or mold. To prevent and protect against this kind of damage, fall is the perfect time to have your house repainted and caulked.

If you have decks on your house, they can be affected by winter weather in the same ways.  So the fall is also an important time to have your decks or porches sealed or re-stained so that they can withstand winter temperatures and moisture.

Better than Summer for Exterior Painting

Thankfully, for those of us who hope to have our house repainted for before winter sets in, fall is a great season for getting those jobs done.  Often fall weather is more steady and predictable than summer weather. In the summer there are typically more thundershowers which can make scheduling and completing a job difficult.

Humidity is usually lower in the fall as well.  Lower humidity combined with less heat create an atmosphere in which paint can cure better.  However, you need to be careful to not wait until too late in the fall, as the temperature needs to be above 50 degrees for exterior house painting.

Professional Painting in New Jersey & Philadelphia

Brennan’s Custom Painting has extensive experience in preparing homes for winter and keeping them looking beautiful. If you would like to receive an estimate for exterior painting or discuss your options, please give us a call and it will be our pleasure to serve you! We serve New Jersey, northern Delaware and most of Philadelphia.

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