When Margaret first approached us, her goal was similar to many of our clients: update her kitchen without the long timeline and messy demolition involved in a remodel. 

The layout was nice, met her needs well, and the condition and quality of her cabinets were good. Since there was no real need for structural changes or cabinet replacement, her space was a perfect candidate for cabinet painting. Plus, she wanted to do away with her tired, dated stained finishes and try something more modern and bright. 

We were happy to help! After laying out a careful plan that included the exact project scope, we got to work. 

Our kitchen cabinet painting process

We actually don’t just paint… We use a proven industrial wood coatings system that allows for a spray-applied, factory-grade finish. It’s ultra-hard and durable, and backed by a 5-year warranty. 

Here’s what our process looks like:

  • Deep clean to remove all contaminants
  • Initial sanding, using proprietary sanding equipment meant for wood finishing
  • Multiple coats of spray-applied primer and paint
  • We sand between each primer coat with a progressively finer gauge
  • Light repairs
  • New hardware (more on this below)
  • Topcoats are applied

What do you think?

Changing out cabinet hardware and upgrading to soft close hinges

Cabinet painting is the perfect time to upgrade that hardware too since the doors and drawers are all apart. Margaret opted for new pulls, and also asked that we install soft close hinges. We were able to help, including sourcing a very unique hinge for a corner cabinet. 

Stepping back, we love the stylish palette! Bright, clean cabinets, and a striking kitchen island accent. 

Have more questions about kitchen cabinet painting or refacing? Contact us at Brennan Contracting! We’re here to help.

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